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QuickVac is the only way to clean debris, sand and grit from your above ground hot tub, spa or kid’s pool.

  • Are guests coming over for an enjoyable evening in the hot tub? QuickVac it first.
  • Wondering how to clean the kid’s new splasher pool? QuickVac is the answer.

It’s the Fastest vacuum on the market!

Primary Use:

QuickVac was designed and developed to be a quick, convenient, effective and value priced vacuum for above ground Hot Tub’s, Spas and Kid’s Pools.  

  • Excellent vacuum for hot tub’s and spas.
  • Easily vacuums out silt, sand, hair, lint and grit.
  • More effective, with stronger suction than the vacuums supplied with most kids splasher pools and wading pools.

Primary Uses:

Other Uses:



Primary Function: Water Vacuum

Vacuum a 5-6 person hot tub in less that 5 minutes.

Uses:   Above ground: Hot-Tubs & Spas, Kid’s Splasher Pools, Wading Pools, Fountains & Ponds

Any above ground water source.


  • Easy to use: Simply shake it to prime and you’re vacuuming. No need to constantly pump, lift or squeeze.
  • Speed:  It’s the fastest vacuum on the market. Insert, shake & vacuum - You’ll be done in minutes.
  • No Set-up Required: It comes fully assembled and no set-up is required.
  • Safe: No electricity is required. Works in all weather conditions.


  • For use in Above Ground applications only. QuickVac will not vacuum any in-ground body of water.
  • For use in Water only. QuickVac is not to be used in, or close to any, dangerous or flammable liquids, chemicals or materials.
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