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Both QuickDrain and QuickVac were initially designed for the Hot Tub & Spa marketplace. Hot tub maintenance can be a time consuming and frustrating process so back in 1999 we introduced a better way...

With QuickDrain we’ve answered that age, old question:

“How do I drain my hot tub?”

With the power to drain 10 to 12 gallons per minute and the ability to “vacuum as it drains”, QuickDrain is the new answer.

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QuickVac is the only way to clean debris, sand and grit from your above ground hot tub, spa or kid’s splasher pool.

It’s the best spot vacuum on the market.

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Other uses quickly followed:

QuickDrain and QuickVac are routinely used to Vacuum and Drain any above ground water source including, but not limited to:

      • Hot Tubs & Spas;
      • kid's Splasher Pools;
      • Wading Pools;
      • above ground Ponds;
      • above ground Fountians;
      • above ground Pools and their Covers;
      • Horse and Cattle Troughs and other farm uses;
      • Tanks on the back of trucks;
      • Industrial Tanks and Vats.

Any above ground water!

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